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You will need Google Earth to be installed on the PC .
Link to Google Earth download site
The free version will work equally as well as the paid options.

Link to download '20091004_africa_pois.kmz' - POI for GE - Africa

If GE is already installed then simply clicking the 2nd link will automatically:
* Open GE
* Log-in to GE
* Load the POI file into your 'Temporary Places' and list the details under 'African POIs by Country and Categories, created:'
* Load all POIs (after a minute or two - raw data > 68 Mbytes!)
* Centre the GE window on Africa.

By expanding the links and selecting the different options (under 'Temporary Places') you will be able to turn on/off the following:
* Country
* Category
* Sub-category
* Individual points

The KMZ uses the Padkos icons which should be familiar to their members.

If you wish to save the POIs KMZ without having to download the file again then copy it to 'My Places' (highlight the main file and drag it to anywhere in My Places).

Good luck and happy searching!

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